Afraa Hotel

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Al Azeziah District, Azeziah Street, Al Aziziya, 10032 Makkah, Saudi Arabia
3,500 Meters

Afraa hotel has a 3-star rating that is located 3500 meters away from the Haram, South Aziziyah. The property is situated in the Al Aziziya district. Um Al Qura University. Hotel rooms have free WiFi along air-conditioned rooms. Different areas of hotels have a seating area, so you can relax. The electric kettle is present in each hotel room, so you can enjoy your coffee to stay fresh in the exhausting journey of Hajj and Umrah. Free shuttle service is offered at the property. Makkah mall is located 2.7 km away from the property. Afraa Makkah hotel booking is a great way for travel agents to reach their target audience and to uplift their business progress.

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