Contract Management
Funadiq generates and maintains contracts for all transactions. These template-basedcontracts are generated by the system as a pdf document with filled-in information from the transaction so Customer and Landlord can sign to conclude the transaction. There are three types of contracts related to Rental of Stock and one for Buying of Stock:
Contract of Representation: Contract between Funadiq and Landlord to market the STOCK against a Commission. It generates at the time of STOCK registration once CSR would verify the information then he should generate the contract of representation and get it sign by Landlord and present it to CSR Manager (CSM) for final approval and publishing at Funadiq site.
Provisional Rental Contract: Contract between Customer and Landlord to rent the STOCK. This generates at the time of Check out. Digitally downloadable from Check Out page upon successful down payment / upload of bank transfer proof. It is accessible from Customer Dashboard as well.
Final Rental Contract: This is final version of the Contract, generated at the time of Checkout but Downloadable from Landlord Dashboard. After signature from Landlord, CSR uploads the scanned copy to the system and two originals will be sent to the Customer via courier upon confirmation of first installment payment proof.
Sales and Purchase Contract: This is between Landlord and Customer to conclude a sales and purchase transaction when it will be Buying transaction instead of Rental.