Al Safwah Towers Hotel - Dar Al Ghufran

Al Safwah Tower - Show on map
Abraj Al Safwah Near King Abdul Aziz Gate, Al Ayad Street, 21955 Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Deal End Date: 30 Aug 2022
100 Meters

The hotel has a five-star rating and located 100 meters away from Haram, Al Safwah tower. All hotel rooms are equipped with modern facilities that make your pilgrims' journey soothing. All rooms are air-conditioned and perfectly decorated with beautiful curtains and carpets. You can order any food that you want either that is international or local through the quick and efficient room service that is available for your assistance 24 hours. Complimentary WiFi is available in all Hotel rooms along with Flat TV screens and coffee/tea maker. Al Safwah Towers hotel - Dar Al Ghufran Makkah hotel booking is a great opportunity for the Hajj and Umrah organizers to expand their business at a large scale. King Abdulaziz International Airport is located 74 km away from the hotel.

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