Nawazi Watheer Hotel

Al Taysir District - Show on map
Jabal Al-Kaba Street in front of Saptco Station, 21955 Makkah, Saudi Arabia
700 Meters

Nawazi Watheer is a 4-star Hotel located 700 meters away from Haram, Jarwal district. The hotel is equipped with all essential facilities including the complimentary WiFi, air-conditioned rooms, clean washrooms with toiletries and 24-hour room service is available for your assistance. All rooms have LED TVs along with satellite channels. The hotel is located at15-minutes walk from the Masjid Al Haram. The hotel also provides transportation services from Nawazi Watheer Hotel to Al-Haram during prayers. Through Nawazi Watheer Makkah hotel booking, you’ll be able to provide complete facilities to your pilgrims (Hajji) and it’s going to improve your reputation in the business market as well.

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