Elaf Bakkah Hotel

Mahbas Al Jin - Show on map
Mahbas Al Jin, 21955 Makkah, Saudi Arabia
1,500 Meters

ElafBakkah is one of the best hotels of Makkah that offers all modern facilities to the pilgrims. From Masjid Al Haram the hotel is just 3-minutes drive away. The hotel has 24-hour room service that offers top-quality food along with all essential facilities. Luxury bathrooms are equipped with bathtubs and best toiletries. You can contact the 24-hour front desk in the hotel in case of any issue or emergency. At 77 km away from the hotel King Abdulaziz Airport is situated. Transportation service is also available from Al Haram free of charge. Free parking slots are also available in the property. Through ElafBakkah Makkah Hotel, you’ll receive complete satisfaction by fulfilling all your needs or needs of your pilgrims (Haji).

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