May 18, 2024

Where To Find The Most Work-Friendly Cafes In Jeddah

By Funadiq Team

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Jeddah! This amazing city is not only bursting with breathtaking tourist spots, but it's also a digital nomad's paradise, providing a haven for remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs! Whether you're a modern-day nomad or a workaholic looking to complete your tasks in comfort, Jeddah has got you covered. With a variety of options boasting great Wi-Fi connections and cozy seating, you'll be able to work in style and feel inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of this amazing city!

This blog delves into the top work-friendly cafes in Jeddah, each offering a unique ambiance and the perfect blend of productivity and comfort: 

Work-Friendly Cafes in Jeddah

Thuluth Café: Looking for a cozy and peaceful cafe to work or relax? Look no further than Thuluth Cafe! Situated on Prince Sultan Road, this trendy cafe offers a unique work experience with its beautiful and spacious lounge that provides a higher level of comfort. The cafe's stunning design is characterized by an artistic atmosphere, which can be seen in the elegant Arabic Calligraphy that adorns the walls. The exposed brick walls and minimal decor offer a cool and modern vibe, while the comfortable armchairs in the corners provide a peaceful and quiet place to work. Thuluth also offers an exclusive selection of coffee, beverages, homemade drinks, and a delicious breakfast menu. So, whether you're looking for a place to work, socialize, or simply unwind, Thuluth Cafe is the perfect spot for you!

Jiwar Cafe: Jiwar is an Arabic term that signifies "neighborhood" and embodies community and warmth through its impeccable decor. This cafe boasts a gorgeous wooden exterior and a cozy interior that is popular for providing comfortable workspaces, both indoor and outdoor. With its large glass facade, sunlight permeates the space, offering natural light to those working. The cafe also features specialty coffee and delectable baked goods. The individual chairs with cushy seats afford ample space to work while utilizing high-speed WiFi.

Alert Coffee Shop Seat: Looking for a restaurant with a minimalist aesthetic where you can focus on your work? Look no further than Alert Coffee Shop Seat. The clean and sleek furniture, along with the soft color palette, create a tranquil workspace environment where you can work with full concentration. This restaurant offers a variety of coffee brewing methods, allowing you to customize your coffee to your liking. Additionally, the menu includes healthy snacks and light meals to keep your energy levels up during long hours of work.

65 Degrees: Step into a coffee lover's paradise at the incredible 65 Degree restaurant! This hot spot is not just another cafe, it offers an unparalleled coffee experience with the perfect brews served at the ideal temperature. The cafe's stunning contemporary aesthetic features exposed brick walls and soft, warm lighting that is sure to make you feel right at home. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to work solo or a place to collaborate with your friends, the comfortable furniture has got you covered. What's more, 65 Degree restaurant boasts a range of brewing methods that promise to take your taste buds on a thrilling adventure. And if that's not enough, their menu features handcrafted pastries, sandwiches, and salads that are sure to tantalize your taste buds! Get ready to indulge in a truly unforgettable coffee experience!

Quarter Cafe: Discover a hidden gem in the heart of Jeddah - Quarter Cafe! This cozy cafe is a go-to spot for remote workers and freelancers looking for a warm and hospitable environment. With its captivating interior, friendly staff, and delectable coffee, Quarter Cafe is the perfect place to kickstart your creative juices. Whether you're looking for a space to work solo or collaborate with colleagues, the cafe's comfortable atmosphere and cozy vibe provide the ideal backdrop for productive work sessions. Come experience the buzz and excitement at Quarter Cafe today!

Gathering: Gathering is a community-focused café that encourages collaboration and connection. The café features tables that are ideal for both communal and solo work sessions, as well as comfortable seating areas and a beautiful ambiance, making it the perfect place to work, relax, and exchange ideas with others. Guests can choose from an extensive menu that includes a variety of coffees and gourmet snacks to keep them fueled and productive for extended periods of time.

Tamped Café: Jeddah's coffee culture is thriving, with cafes that serve as more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee. They offer an inviting atmosphere for work and relaxation, with comfortable seating for solo and group work sessions, high-speed Wi-Fi, and delicious coffee offerings. Tamped Café is one such hidden gem that awaits exploration by coffee lovers. Set in a tranquil garden, it offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Locals and expats alike love the café's specialty coffees and homemade treats, making it a favorite café house.

Closing Notes

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For workaholics on summer or winter break, these cafes are hubs of innovation, collaboration, and inspiration. You can pursue your passions and accomplish your goals in a welcoming and supportive environment. Moreover, Jeddah's variety of work-friendly cafes invites you to experience the best of both worlds, with productive work sessions infused with the rich flavors of Saudi hospitality and coffee culture. So whether you're a local resident, a visitor to the city, or a digital nomad passing through, you can enjoy the best cafe culture that Jeddah has to offer.


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