Mar 01, 2022

The Umrah Travel Journey 20 Years Ago: A Look-Back

By Funadiq Team

Twenty years ago, traveling to perform Umrah was a very different experience than it is today. There were no cheap umrah packages or online umrah booking options - in fact, the only way to make arrangements was through a travel agent. If you wanted to go on Umrah, you had to save up for months in advance and hope that there were still spaces available on your chosen date. The process of getting a visa was also much more complicated than it is now. In this article, we will take a look back at the Umrah Travel Journey 20 years ago and see what has changed!

1. What was the Umrah travel experience like 20 years ago compared to now

The Umrah travel experience 20 years ago was very different from what it is today. Firstly, the cost of performing Umrah was much higher than it is now - in fact, the only way to perform Umrah at a cheap price was through a package deal. Secondly, there were no online umrah booking options available - all arrangements.

The Process of Booking Umrah Travel 20 Years Ago:

As mentioned earlier, the only way to book Umrah travel back then was through a travel agent. To find a reputable agent, you might have asked your friends or family for recommendations or checked.

2. How has the Umrah industry changed over the years

The umrah industry has changed drastically over the past 20 years.

Firstly, the cost of Umrah packages has decreased significantly, making it more affordable for people to perform Umrah.

Secondly, there are now many online umrah booking options available, which makes it easier and faster to make arrangements.

Finally, the process of obtaining a visa has become much simpler in recent years. Overall, the umrah industry has become much more accessible and convenient for travelers over the past two decades!

3. The different ways people traveled to Mecca and Madinah in the past

People traveled to Mecca and Madinah in a variety of ways 20 years ago. Some people flew directly to Jeddah or Madinah, while others took the bus or train.

However, the most popular way to travel was by flying into Dubai and then taking a connecting flight to either Jeddah or Madinah. This option was favored by many because it allowed travelers to stop in Dubai for a few days and explore the city before continuing on their journey to perform Umrah.

The industry has changed drastically over the past 20 years

4. How technology has impacted pilgrimage travel

The advent of technology has had a significant impact on pilgrimage travel in general, and Umrah travels in particular.

For example, the introduction of online umrah booking options has made it easier and faster for people to make arrangements, while social media platforms have allowed pilgrims to connect with each other before and after their journey. Additionally, the use of GPS systems and apps has made it easier for travelers to navigate their way around Mecca and Madinah. In short, technology has had a major impact on how people perform Umrah - making the process simpler, more convenient, and more connected!

5. What are some of the challenges pilgrims face today

Despite the many advances that have been made in the umrah industry over the past 20 years, pilgrims still face a number of challenges today.

For example, some pilgrims find it difficult to obtain visas, while others struggle with finding affordable accommodation or getting around Mecca and Madinah. Additionally, language barriers can be a challenge for some travelers.

Overall, though, the challenges faced by pilgrims today are nothing compared to what they were facing just two decades ago!

6. How do we make Umrah travel easier for everyone involved

There are a number of ways we can make Umrah travel easier for everyone involved.

For starters, the process of obtaining a visa should be made simpler and more efficient. Additionally, there need to be more affordable accommodation options available in Mecca and Madinah. Finally, pilgrims should be encouraged to use GPS systems and apps to help them navigate their way around the cities. By addressing these issues, we can make Umrah travel easier and more convenient for everyone involved!


Today, there are many different ways for Muslims to perform Umrah. There are cheap umrah packages available online and it is much easier to get a visa. However, despite these changes, the essence of Umrah remains the same. Performing Umrah is still an incredibly special experience and brings immense blessings from Allah (SWT). Hopefully, in the next 20 years, we will see even more improvements in the way that Muslims can perform Umrah.

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