Oct 16, 2019

Maqam System Introduced By Hajj And Umrah Ministry

By Funadiq Team

Maqam is the GDS (global distribution system) launched by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. The system provides complete information of all Makkah and Madinah suppliers to the approved e-commerce sites. It is introduced as a result of the recent changes in Umrah Visa policies by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.


Maqam is an online platform designed for Muslims from all over the world so that they can apply for an Umrah package from any part of the world conveniently. The newly introduced system will facilitate the pilgrims and make their pilgrimage hassle-free.

The platform also compares the prices of existing service providers, check the status of flights and bookings. It also allows you to make electronic visa applications without traveling to the embassy.

In the past, travel agencies depended on GDS for rates, services, and products to provide the relevant services to the end consumers. Thus, a GDS (Maqam) can link services, rates, and bookings, providing products and services across all sectors including hotel, car rental, and airline booking.

Umrahme.com signs MOU with Hajj Ministry

Umrahme.com is on an online B2B and B2C portal of holidayme.com that provides online travel solutions in the Middle east. It has signed MoU with Hajj and Umrah ministry in the Umrah forum and exhibition, recently organized by the ministry.

The MoU was represented by the Abdulrahman Fahd Shams, general supervisor of Maqam Hajj and Umrah Global distribution system. The signing means that Umrahme.com will have a direct interface with almost 3,700 global travel agents and 700 Umrah operators.

Umrahme.com strives to help Muslims all over the world to book and plan their Umrah pilgrimage. This platform enables approved external travel agencies for the booking of Umrah groups by utilizing the technology. Umrahme.com is the first approved licensed OTA (online travel agency) offering the E-visa services for Umrah.

The CEO of Umrahme.com, Mr. Mohammed Mahfouz Salem bin Mahfouz in the recently organized event stated that “We believe in ease and comfort, hence Umrahme.com is created with the idea of the simplified and unified portal for all information related to the booking of Umrah from any part of the world. He further added that it’s an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our services.

It is highly recommended especially for travel agents to stay updated with the latest changes occurring in the Hajj and Umrah Industry, so they keep running their business operations smoothly.


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