Aug 19, 2019

How Helps To Establish A Career As An Umrah Consultant 

By Funadiq Team is the leading platform for Hajj and Umrah organizers that meet all their needs efficiently. Our e-commerce store offers the necessary products and services for the local suppliers from Makkah and Madinah. It includes hotel booking, transport, catering, and Umrah Visa services.

Now, we are providing an exciting opportunity for young and passionate individuals to build a successful career as an Umrah consultant in the industry that is expected to make significant growth in the upcoming years. You don’t have to make any investment, will support you at all phases.

This guide will help you to understand how becoming an Umrah consultant can help you to excel in the Umrah tourism industry.

Explore the Industry

We will introduce you to the industry’s latest practices and concepts. After providing you training and making you aware of the industry trends, we’ll let you know your responsibilities.

Your first responsibility will be to reach the travel agents and introduce them to

Then you have to get that travel agent to be registered by closing the first sale. You’ll also get the commission for it. Then you have to create your own package through depending on the needs of the area. After doing it, you have to sell the package in that specified area.

By fulfilling the above-mentioned responsibilities, you will get a great learning experience and will get to know more about the industry. It will also help you to set up your own Umrah travel service successfully.

Endless Opportunities for Business Growth

Umrah travel industry provides never-ending opportunities for fresh individuals to build a successful career. is providing you that path of success by offering the post of “Umrah Consultant”.

You are not bound to work only for us but you can also use effectively all the knowledge to grow your business.

Earn Your Money Smartly

By being your own boss, you get the flexibility to work according to the schedule that suits you best. This allows you to earn money comfortably according to your convenience by not following someones’ order, so don’t lose this amazing chance from to start a new career and discover the travel and tourism industry.


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