Al Mukhtara International Hotel

Northern Central Area - Show on map
North Central area, 60th Road- King Fahad Road, 20012 Medina, Saudi Arabia
250 Meters

Al Mukhtara International Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms. It has a 24-hour front desk and an elevator. Ironing and laundry services are available. The simply furnished rooms are decorated with warm colors and have carpeted floors. Each features satellite TV, a minibar and a wardrobe. Free toiletries are provided in the bathrooms. The buffet-style restaurant serves Eastern and Western Cuisines daily. Hot beverages can be served at the 24-hour coffee-shop. There is 24-hour room service. Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport is just an 18-minute drive from Al Mukhtara International. The famous Mount Uhud is a 5-minute drive away

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